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Hangar Art & Framing Workshop, Gallery & Shop is based in the Fenton Barns Retail Village.


Printing Cost of our Giclée Prints (each)

A SizeA4A3A3+A2A1
A-4 Prints £8.40 £14.40 £20.40 £27.60 £50.40
5-9 Prints £7.80 £13.60 £18.40 £24.80 £45.40
10-19 Prints £6.70 £12.00 £16.30 £22.00 £40.30
20+ Prints £5.90 £10.60 £14.30 £19.30 £35.30
We can also print on high quality canvas for these prices. For an extra charge we can stretch the print over stretcher bars for you. For the total cost, add the print price from above to the canvas-stretching price below.

Cost of Stretching a Canvas (excluding Printing cost)

A SizeA4A3A3+A2A1
Canvas Stretch £24.00 £34.00 £40.00 £47.00 £52.00

Please contact us for any further information or a free, no obligation quote.NOTE: you must have permission from the artist/owner of the image before printing. Once your image has been printed, Hangar Art & Framing is exactly the place to have either the original or a print mounted and framed.

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